Men Folk and Their Obligatory Fetching of the Roses

I was at the grocer’s this morning and was tickled pink by the procession of men coming and going. It was a strange picture—because the majority of the time I see women gallivanting around; baskets full, sometimes screaming children in tow, always with impenetrable stares—a woman on a mission kind of stare. And then it occurred to me: Valentine’s Day :roll:. All these men folk were making a mad, last minute dash to the card, candy and flower aisle. I would expect such a procession on a big game day—beer and chicken are staples for such events. It was, however, quite refreshing to see all these fellas with roses and heart shaped boxes in hand—kinda makes a girl weak in the knees. Pfft! More like weak in the stomach.

     It’s a sad shame that this saint’s day has been over-zealously commercialized. And the way many of us express our love on this particular saint’s day, be it romantic or platonic love, is often in the form of ‘Made in China’ trinkets or a box of mass produced chocolates. I would like to see more gifts of love that are not adorned with red cellophane and overused love quotes penned by some 13th century, moon-eyed zealot.

0004112_love_kills_anti_valentines_day     Come to think about it—I really don’t like Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because I’m single now and sadly couldn’t even get a smooch at the Kissing Booth at work…a mere twenty five cents could have gotten me more action than I’ve seen in the last year. But hey, who’s keeping track? More like who’s gonna blow the dust off…

     Anyway, “Happy Valentines to all the couples out there, may your love last forever… And to all the single people out there, may your batteries last forever…”


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