Super Males Unite

In Response to Alan BeyersDorf’s, of Girls In Capes, insightful contribution aimed at curing society of the Hopelessly Super Male

Did the creative peeps at Marvel, DC and Dark Horse seek out to destroy the aspirations of young boys and girls everywhere?

Does letting loose with the imagination lead to terrible things? Are we advocating a form of ‘sterilization’ here? Soon enough our world will be completely void of ‘color’ because eventually everyone will be either offended or adversely affected or pressured into the latest and greatest disorder—and all because pink is for girls and blue is for boys and superheroes are always muscle-bound.  Many of these heroes/characters hail from different planets and dimensions—what’s wrong with giving them extraordinary attributes? Is it not a fantasy…a suspension of disbelief kind of thing? Will the politically correctness of our day and age stifle to the point of mediocrity? Will our obsessive need to define and redefine gender roles lead to the destruction of the flight of the imagination?

smiling-bald-man image courtesy of (royalty free)
snarky text courtesy of me


2 thoughts on “Super Males Unite

  1. These are interesting questions, ones that should be taken seriously. Also, I think the use of ‘sterilization’ is strong in this context and fitting, but I hadn’t meant to write the article with that tone.

    The graphic is awesome as well. This of course would be a leap in the opposite direction, not finding common ground.

    I do wonder what type of influence redefining gender roles will have on future generations, but I wasn’t thinking in terms of destroying imagination or how this could really happen.

    1. Hello Alan!

      First of all; and I need to be mindful of this because I allow it to fall to the wayside; I must compliment you on a well-written post with an interesting topic. The article was a nice mixture of personal/anecdotal experiences but it also addressed issues that are common among many people, thus giving it even more credibility.

      Second, don’t take me too seriously. These are serious questions and I understand it goes both ways; there are extremes on both sides of the spectrum and I understand you are in search of the middle-ground/happy medium.

      Thanks for the reply and I look forward to more articles from alanbeyersdorf!


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