Men Folk and Their Obligatory Fetching of the Roses

I was at the grocer’s this morning and was tickled pink by the procession of men coming and going. It was a strange picture—because the majority of the time I see women gallivanting around; baskets full, sometimes screaming children in tow, always with impenetrable stares—a woman on a mission kind of stare. And then it […]

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The Morphing Man

Change is inevitable…”except from a vending machine.” —Robert C. Gallagher Listen, people change. It’s a common occurrence. It’s an earthly quality with consistency we can all rely on. I change. I change on a daily basis. My friend likes to call it being a contrarian. I like to call it being adaptable. But hey, this […]

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Super Males Unite

In Response to Alan BeyersDorf’s, of Girls In Capes, insightful contribution aimed at curing society of the Hopelessly Super Male Did the creative peeps at Marvel, DC and Dark Horse seek out to destroy the aspirations of young boys and girls everywhere? Does letting loose with the imagination lead to terrible things? Are we advocating […]

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