He just snapped…

He was chemically imbalanced…

He was bi polar….

He was unloved….

He was a home schooled nerd with no ambition….

He was ostracized by his older brother…

He wanted to devastate people like people devastated him…

He never got over the divorce of his parents….

He was beyond socially awkward….

praying for action

The “reasons” or “answers” behind such violence are endless. Maybe the answers lie in his genetics, aren’t they currently analyzing his genes in an attempt to see if heredity played a role in his shooting a near thirty people? Will they find that he had the same nucleotide sequencing as Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project? We can reason all we want…about Mr. Lanza’s motives—but keep in mind “the only way to know something absolutely is to experience it yourself, anything less is theory, speculation, and belief.” In other words, you and I don’t know a damn thing because you and I are not Adam Lanza.

stop nra

Adam Lanza is dead. We can never look into his eyes with our wondrous eyes and ask him: why? Will knowing WHY help those parents and families sleep better at night? Solidifying the young man’s reasons behind what he did will not change anything. People do the things they do: their reason or purpose is a personal thing that is unbeknownst to the rest of us—unless outlined in a goodbye-world memo left on the nightstand, circular water-stain and all. Such notes rarely delve into the depths of a person’s true darkness anyway. Truth of the matter is—we will never know why.

2nd amend

And now this event has raised the curtains on the national stage…politicians, do-gooders, gun enthusiasts, liberals, conservatives, mothers, fathers—all buying front row tickets to the greatest show on earth. A terrible tragedy (is there any other kind) has now metamorphosed into a nationwide debate over gun control. No matter the event or the consequences of the event, we cannot wish, legislate, or pray for the undoing of such events.


We have to accept that violence is an inherent part of our nature. And although we have the gift of choice, we don’t always make the “right” one. Adam Lanza chose to shoot up a school—perhaps it was the only relevant way he knew how to express himself. According to all the big, obsessive headlines, Lanza was an outcast, shy and awkward. As a society, we have this obsessive nature about ourselves—we label and classify in an attempt to better understand our world. However, in reality, it has quite the opposite effect, we alienate ourselves.  If we can label and categorize things, people, events and such…somehow we will understand things, people, events and such. Take the “Life and Times of Adam Lanza” and place it on the nut job shelf or the bi polar-schizophrenic shelf and we can call it a day—move on with our lives. But this practice is a fallacy—because as much as we hate to admit it, we get things wrong, and often.


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