Liberate The Libido

Why is it difficult for American couples to talk about sex? An excerpt from a ridiculously redundant book comes to mind—What French Women Know: About Love, Sex and Other Matters of the Heart. The book is a national bestseller, which doesn’t say much. But the content seems intent on inspiring women to abandon the pruderies […]

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The Morphing Man

Change is inevitable…”except from a vending machine.” —Robert C. Gallagher Listen, people change. It’s a common occurrence. It’s an earthly quality with consistency we can all rely on. I change. I change on a daily basis. My friend likes to call it being a contrarian. I like to call it being adaptable. But hey, this […]

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Super Males Unite

In Response to Alan BeyersDorf’s, of Girls In Capes, insightful contribution aimed at curing society of the Hopelessly Super Male Did the creative peeps at Marvel, DC and Dark Horse seek out to destroy the aspirations of young boys and girls everywhere? Does letting loose with the imagination lead to terrible things? Are we advocating […]

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He just snapped… He was chemically imbalanced… He was bi polar…. He was unloved…. He was a home schooled nerd with no ambition…. He was ostracized by his older brother… He wanted to devastate people like people devastated him… He never got over the divorce of his parents…. He was beyond socially awkward…. The “reasons” […]


An Introduction

This is not commentary. This is not constructive criticism. This is an incessant bitching blog. We’re here to point out things that: Piss us off Chap our hides Bend us out of shape Get us in a tizzy Get us hopping mad Get our panties in a bunch Rile, enrage, offend, affront, annoy, infuriate or […]

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